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Welcome to OntaOnta!

This video is a walkthrough of the basics of our platform, including a quick overview of some key pages that new and returning users should be familiar with.

Educator Navigation

This video focuses on the ins and outs of the Educator account. Aimed at teachers and parents, the video covers how to create an account and purchase a course, as well as the layout of the course contents, and some useful features that OntaOnta offers.

Student Navigation


  • A slideshow showcasing screenshots of how learning through a Student account or teaching through an Educator account works
  • Solutions we offer to common problems and frustrations teachers and parents face
  • Links to trial worksheets and quizzes, so you can get a sense of our content

Below is a slideshow of screenshots showing how things look from the Member accounts. They are labeled with the account type (Educator or Student) and the page that is being shown.